WOLF KING 'THE PATH OF WRATH' LP (Black and Clear Vinyl)



The Path of Wrath highlights the multifaceted nature of WOLF KING, a melting pot of darkness - more texture, more doom, more rawness. It is an uncompromising, filth-drenched, smoke-infused take on blackened metal. The Path of Wrath delivers the goods and then some.

150 Yellow with Orange Starburst pressed worldwide.
150 Black and White Split pressed worldwide.

THE PATH OF WRATH tracklisting:
1. River of Light
2. Messenger of Death
3. Wandering Soul
4. Triumph of the Slain
5. Sanctuary
6. The Oath
7. The Path of Wrath
8. Incantation
9. Grief Portrait
10. Beholder
11. Holy Serpent
12. Eternal Hunger

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