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Formed in the late 90s, Black Label Society provided one-time Ozzy Osbourne sideman and guitarist Zakk Wylde a venue where he could showcase his ferocious metal picking. While the band had a rotating lineup, Wylde took on the bulk of instruments. The band combines the whiskey-soaked spirit of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the chaos of Slayer.

After a falling out with his mentor, Ozzy, Wylde released Book of Shadows in 1996. It was his first solo album. When it failed to achieve mainstream success, Wylde took an extended break. In 1999, he resurfaced with a new album and a new band – Black Label Society.

The band featured Wylde on bass, guitar, and vocals and Phil Ondich on drums. Stronger Than Death was recorded in 2000. The band also returned to Ozzfest to support the release of the LP 1919 Eternal. Their seventh album, Mafia, was released in the spring of 2005.

In October 2005, Spitfire Records released Kings of Damnation: Era 1998-2004, Wylde’s work compilation. The following year, the band signed with Roadrunner label and released Shot to Hell, their new album. However, their engagement with the record label was short-lived and they parted ways the following year.

The band members spent most of 2007 pursuing other projects. Current bassist JD DeServio and Wylde toured with Ozzy and guitarist Nick Catanese focused on his own band. Skullage, a compilation, was released in 2009. Their eighth studio album, Order of the Black, was released in the summer of 2010.

The following year, another album was released, The Song Remains Not the Same. In 2013, the band showed their fans a different side of their music by releasing Unblackened, a live album. The album exposed the bluesy roots at the heart of the Black Label Society sound.

The following year, the band released Catacombs of the Black Vatican. In anticipation of their tenth studio LP Grimmest Hits, they released the single Room of Nightmares. They released a reimagined version of Sonic Brew: 20th Anniversary lend 5.99-5.19 in 1999. Doom Crew, their eleventh studio album, was released in 2021.