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Myrkur's impact on the black metal scene has been significant, inspiring a new wave of musicians to experiment with the genre and explore new possibilities. Her music has been praised for its ability to transcend genre boundaries, appealing to black metal, folk music, and classical music fans alike.

Bruun's background in classical music is evident in her songwriting, which often features complex arrangements and intricate melodies. Her use of traditional folk instruments, such as the nyckelharpa and the mandola, adds an element of traditional Scandinavian music to her sound.

Myrkur's lyrics are often inspired by Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore, exploring themes of nature, death, and rebirth. Bruun's use of clean and harsh vocals adds a sense of emotional depth to her music, making her songs powerful and haunting.

Despite the controversy surrounding Myrkur's music in the black metal community, Bruun has remained committed to her vision, continuing to release music that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Her live performances are known for their intensity and raw energy.

In addition to her music, Bruun is also known for her striking visual style, which often incorporates elements of traditional Scandinavian folklore and mysticism. Her stage costumes and album artwork are elaborate and otherworldly, adding to the mystery and intrigue surrounding her music.

Myrkur's discography includes several critically acclaimed albums, including her debut album, M, released in 2015. The album received widespread praise for its blend of black metal and folk music and was named one of the best metal albums of the year by many publications.

Subsequent releases, including 2017's Mareridt and 2020's Folkesange, have continued to explore the intersection of black metal and traditional folk music, with Bruun incorporating more acoustic instrumentation and clean vocals into her sound. These albums have further cemented Myrkur's reputation as an artist who is unafraid to take risks and explore new territory.

For fans of black metal and experimental music, Myrkur is an essential artist to explore. With her unique blend of styles and unwavering commitment to her artistic vision, Bruun has established herself as one of the most exciting and innovative musicians in the genre today.