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Eric Whitney, professionally known as Eric Ghoste or Ghostemane, is a singer and songwriter who has masterfully tapped the darkest recesses of hip-hop and metal to create a menacing and unique blend of horror-charged music. Inspired by Southern rap, industrial, and black metal, he has released over a dozen albums in just half a decade.

Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, Ghostemane started out playing drums and guitar in metal and hardcore punk bands inspired by acts such as NOFX, Lagwagon, the Vandals, Mayhem, and Deicide. After graduating college in 2015, he moved to Los Angeles, where he delved into hip-hop.

Combining his many musical influences, he released his early drugged-out effort in 2015. The spooky Oogabooga and For the Aspiring Occultist were followed by several releases in 2016, including Plagues, Blackmage, and Rituals. Incorporating industrial-adjacent noise and dissonance in his music, he released Lady Madini.

After collaborating with fellow Floridian Pouya and $uicideboy$, he appeared in the former’s viral single 1000 Rounds, which was released in 2017. That same year, Ghostemane released Hexada, his sixth effort. Hexada pushed him further into the metal territory.

N/O/I/S/E, his corrosive 2019 release, has a Nine Inch Nails sound which was evident in tracks such as Inside and Ballgag. Ghostemane also teamed up with Zubin to release the track Broken the same year. In 2019, Ghostemane switched directions and went full-on hardcore when he released his Fear Network EP.

In 2019, he released another EP, Opium. That same year, Ghostemane collaborated with acts Ho99o9 and Health to release standalone singles. After spending much of 2020 negotiating a record deal with a major label, he eventually retained his independence and self-released Anti-Icon.

In May 2020, he unveiled a new project – Baader-Meinhof, a lo-fi black metal band. He is the band’s sole member and was credited as Eric Ghoste. He also produced the Christmas album of his former fiancée Poppy. The Christmas EP, A Very Poppy Christmas, was released in December 2020.