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RANCID '93' LP (30th Anniversary Edition, White w/Black Splatter Vinyl)

Rancid was formed by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, who had previously played in the band Operation Ivy. The band's initial lineup included drummer Brett Reed, who Branden Steineckert would later replace. Rancid released its first album, Rancid, in 1993. The album was a critical success.

Rancid's music is characterized by fast tempos, catchy melodies, and politically charged lyrics. The band's lyrics often touch on poverty, police brutality, and racism. Rancid's music is also known for its social commentary, which has earned the band a reputation as a voice for the working class.

Over the years, Rancid have released several critically acclaimed albums, including Let's Go, And Out Come the Wolves, and Life Won't Wait. The band's success has allowed it to tour extensively and play to large crowds worldwide. Rancid's defining features are Armstrong's rough-edged vocals and Freeman's melodic bass lines.

The band's music is also notable for its use of ska and reggae rhythms, giving it a unique and infectious energy. Rancid are also known for its distinctive visual style. The band's members often wear punk rock clothing, such as leather jackets, studded belts, and Doc Martens.

Despite being a veteran band, Rancid have managed to maintain its relevance in the punk rock scene. The band has continued releasing new music and tours extensively, playing to crowds of all ages. In 2017, the band released its ninth studio album, Trouble Maker, which received positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

One of Rancid's strengths is its ability to blend various styles of music into its punk rock sound. The band's use of ska and reggae rhythms, as well as its incorporation of elements of rockabilly and garage rock, gives its music a dynamic and distinctive edge. This has helped the band to stand out in the crowded punk rock scene.

Rancid are also known for its activism and involvement in social causes. The band has supported various organizations over the years, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Rancid have also used its music to bring attention to issues such as police brutality and the plight of the working class.