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City Morgue is a hip-hop duo from New York City who created a stir in 2017 with their single, Shinners 13. They also courted controversy with the song’s shocking music video, which featured many firearms and rampant drug use. City Morgue consists of rappers SosMula and ZillaKami and producer Thraxx.

Their debut album, City Morgue, Vol 1: Hell or High Water, was released in 2018. With their violent and hedonistic tendencies, aggressive delivery, and threatening image, they captured the alternative rap scene’s dark side in the 2010s. The band also incorporated metal/punk influences from their contemporaries like XXXTentacion and 6ix9ine.

Influenced by horror-rap forebears Geto Boys and Esham, City Morgue took drugs, violence, and sex rhymes to the next level. City Morgue, Vol. 2: As Good as Dead, was released in December 2019. Their second offering saw the trio venture into alternative trap and emo rap.

The trio has also worked on several projects and released several singles, including Shinners13, 33rd Blakk Glass, and Sk8 Head. Denzel Curry also featured ZillaKami in his 2018 single Vengeance. Curry also featured City Morgue on his Ta13oo tour. Their first sold-out show was at Saint Vitus Bar.

The group was also featured on the Wardogz track by GRAVEDGR. In July 2020, they released the video for Hurtworld ’99, the lead single for their mixtape Toxic Boogaloo. Brisk, violent, and aggressive, Toxic Boogaloo featured production by Powers Pleasant and Thraxx.

City Morgue released two videos, Yakuza and the Electric Experience, in August 2020. Their single What’s My Name was released on September 28, 2021. The song also served as the lead single of their third studio album City Morgue Vol 3: Bottom of the Barrel.

In June 2022, SosMula announced that the next album they would release would be their last. The group officially announced their final My Bloody America tour on social media. The tour is set to run from March 29, 2023, to May 13, 2023.