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Along with Vio-Lence, Death Angel, and Testament, Forbidden was one of the few thrash metal bands that emerged from the Bay Area scene. Forbidden was formed in 1987 and slugged it out with other garage bands inspired by Exodus, Slayer, Metallica, and other thrash originators.

Originally named Forbidden Evil, members of the band include guitarists Craig Locifero and Robb Flynn, drummer Paul Bostaph, bassist Matt Camacho, and vocalist Russ Anderson. Flynn eventually went on to form Machine Head and was replaced by Glen Alvelais.

Gradually, the band was able to build a solid following and was able to land a recording contract with Combat Records. Forbidden Evil, their 1988 debut, received positive reviews. The band then went on a tour with fellow thrashers Testament, Death Angel, and Exodus.

Forbidden Evil featured As Good As Dead, Chalice of Blood and Forbidden Evil – three songs written by Robby Flynn. Forbidden toured the U.S. and Europe to promote the album and shared the stage with Sepultura, Exodus, Death Angel, Pestilence, Dark Angel, Testament, Voivod, and Sacred Reich.

At the 1989 Dynamo Festival, the band recorded a live EP aptly titled Raw Evil: Live at the Dynamo. Fortunately, the record won them many new fans. Before the recording of Twisted Into Form in 1990, Alvelais left the band to join Testament. Twisted Into Form is a collection of technical thrash. Unfortunately, it failed to break new ground.

Despite dwindling interest in thrash metal in the early ‘90s, the band released a 1992 best-of collection titled Point of No Return. Surprisingly, the band persisted despite Bostaph’s defection to Slayer in 1994. In 1995, Steve Jacobs joined the band as the new drummer. The band released another album, Distortion, in 1995.

After landing a deal with GUN Records, the band released their album, Distortion. After touring Europe with Gorefest to promote the album, they also toured the U.S. with Malevolent Creation and Testament. In 1996, they started writing Green, their fifth album. It was released in early 1997.