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Pantera's early music was rooted in glam metal, but they quickly moved towards a more aggressive and raw sound. Their breakthrough album, Cowboys from Hell, released in 1990, marked a significant shift in their sound and established them as a major force in the metal world. The album was praised for its hard-hitting riffs, intense vocals, and powerful drumming.

Pantera continued to refine their sound throughout their career, becoming increasingly heavy and aggressive. Their music was characterized by its use of drop tuning, which allowed for deeper, more distorted guitar tones, and by Anselmo's powerful vocals, which often featured screamed and growled passages.

In addition to their studio albums, Pantera are also known for their explosive live performances. They were known for their high-energy shows, often featuring elaborate pyrotechnics and other special effects. The band's intense and electrifying live shows helped cement their reputation as one of the most exciting and powerful live acts in metal.

Despite their success, Pantera's career was not without its struggles. The band experienced tensions between Anselmo and the other members, and they ultimately disbanded in 2003. However, their legacy has continued to endure, and their music remains beloved by metal fans worldwide.

One of Pantera's most enduring legacies is their influence on developing the groove metal subgenre. Their use of heavy, syncopated grooves and Anselmo's shouted, rhythmic vocals helped define the genre's sound. Bands like Lamb of God, Machine Head, and Sepultura have all cited Pantera as an influence on their music.

In addition to their musical legacy, Pantera are also remembered for their outspoken and unapologetic attitude. They were not afraid to speak their minds or to challenge the status quo, and their music was often aggressive and politically charged. They were outspoken advocates for free speech and individualism, and their music reflected their rebellious spirit.