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SIGH 'HEIR TO DESPAIR' LP (Purple, White Vinyl)SIGH 'HEIR TO DESPAIR' LP (Purple, White Vinyl)

Sigh's music is characterized by its fusion of different genres, including black metal, death metal, progressive rock, and classical music. This eclectic approach has earned them a reputation as one of the most innovative bands in the metal scene and has made their music difficult to categorize.

Over the years, Sigh have released numerous albums, each showcasing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their sound. Their 2001 album, Imaginary Sonicscape, is widely regarded as a masterpiece of experimental metal, featuring intricate guitar work, complex song structures, and a wide range of musical influences.

Sigh's music is also characterized by its use of keyboards and other electronic elements, which add a unique texture and atmosphere to their sound. This use of electronic elements has been particularly prominent in their recent albums, which have industrial and electronic music elements into their already eclectic sound.

Despite their experimental approach to music, Sigh have remained true to their roots and their music has continued to resonate with fans of the genre worldwide. Their live performances are characterized by their intensity and energy, and the band has developed a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts in metal.

Sigh are also known for their unconventional approach to their artwork and visuals, with their album covers often featuring bizarre and surreal imagery. This commitment to artistic experimentation is a hallmark of the band's approach to their music and has helped to cement their reputation as one of the most innovative acts in metal.

Over the years, Sigh have also collaborated with many other artists and musicians, further expanding their sound and artistic vision. They have worked with artists from various genres, including experimental musician Merzbow and Japanese pop singer Yui Sakakibara.

Despite their long and storied career, Sigh remains one of the most innovative and exciting bands in the metal scene. With their commitment to experimentation, willingness to push the boundaries of their sound, and dedication to engaging with their fans and the broader community, they continue to be a major force in underground metal.