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Formed in 1999, Taking Back Sunday quickly gained attention with their energetic live shows and intense stage presence. Their debut album, Tell All Your Friends, released in 2002, was an instant success, solidifying the band's position as one of the most influential acts of the emo/post-hardcore movement of the early 2000s.

With a blend of punk rock, emo, and pop sensibilities, the album features catchy hooks and emotionally charged lyrics that resonated with a generation of disaffected youth. Taking Back Sunday's follow-up release, Where You Want To Be, came out in 2004 and saw the band refining their sound with a more polished and anthemic approach.

The album's lead single, A Decade Under The Influence, became a fan favorite and showcased the band's ability to write powerful, sing-along choruses. Taking Back Sunday have seen lineup changes throughout their career, with vocalist Adam Lazzara being the only constant member.

Nevertheless, the band's distinctive sound and style have remained consistent, with each album offering a new perspective on their signature blend of punk and emo. Over the years, Taking Back Sunday have amassed a devoted fanbase, thanks in no small part to their passionate live performances.

In 2011, Taking Back Sunday released their self-titled album, which marked a return to their roots with a raw and visceral sound reminiscent of their early work. The album was well-received by fans and critics alike, with many praising the band's renewed energy and sense of purpose.

In 2016, Taking Back Sunday released their seventh album, Tidal Wave, which showcased a departure from their usual sound. The album incorporates classic rock and punk elements, emphasizing live instrumentation and a more stripped-down production.

Taking Back Sunday's most recent album, Twenty, released in 2019, celebrates the band's 20th anniversary with a collection of re-recorded hits, fan favorites, and two new songs. The album is a retrospective of the band's career, highlighting their evolution and growth over the past two decades.

Despite the band's success and longevity, Taking Back Sunday remains true to their roots and committed to their fans. Their music continues to resonate with listeners, with their emotional lyrics and anthemic choruses serving as a soundtrack for a generation of alternative rock fans.

Taking Back Sunday continues to be a force in the alternative rock scene, with their music continuing to resonate with fans old and new. With a rich discography and a reputation for electrifying live shows, the band shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.