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The early recordings of the Misfits were characterized by fast, aggressive guitar riffs, pounding drums, and Danzig's powerful vocals. The band's lyrics often featured horror and sci-fi themes, drawing inspiration from classic horror movies and comics. In addition to their music, the Misfits' visual style was also a major part of their appeal.

The band's iconic skull logo and horror-inspired imagery, such as black leather jackets, spiked hair, and skull makeup, helped create a unique and instantly recognizable aesthetic. Despite their cult status, Misfits struggled to achieve mainstream success during their initial run in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Internal conflicts and lineup changes led to the band's dissolution in 1983, but their legacy grew in the following years. In the decades since their breakup, Misfits have become one of the most influential punk bands of all time. Their distinctive sound and visual style have inspired countless musicians and artists.

In 1995, the band reunited with a new lineup featuring Jerry Only on bass and vocals, and they continued to tour and release new music. While some fans have criticized the band's post-reunion output, Misfits' legacy as one of the most iconic punk bands of all time remains secure.

One of the hallmarks of Misfits' music are their ability to blend punk rock with horror and sci-fi themes. Their songs often feature dark and macabre lyrics, delivered with Danzig's signature snarl. The band's lyrics have been interpreted as critiques of societal norms and conventions and celebrations of outsider culture and rebellion.

Despite their relatively short initial run, Misfits have left an indelible mark on music and popular culture. Their ability to combine punk rock with horror and sci-fi themes, along with their iconic visual style, has made them one of the most recognizable and influential punk bands of all time.