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Composed of former members of Botch, Kill Sadie, and Sharks Keep Moving, These Arms Are Snakes released their debut album Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home in 2004, which garnered critical acclaim for its genre-defying sound and innovative songwriting.

The album was characterized by its unpredictable tempo and structure shifts and vocalist Steve Snere's distinctive, angular vocal delivery. The band's follow-up album, Easter, saw These Arms Are Snakes continue to push the boundaries of post-hardcore, incorporating electronic textures and atmospheric elements into their music.

The album received widespread praise for its sonic experimentation and willingness to defy genre conventions, cementing the band's reputation as one of the most boundary-pushing acts in the post-hardcore scene. These Arms Are Snakes released three full-length albums and many EPs and singles.

Their music was marked by its restless creativity, with the band continually pushing themselves to explore new sonic territory and incorporate diverse influences into their sound. They also developed a reputation for their intense live performances, characterized by their energy and unpredictability.

In addition to their musical innovations, These Arms Are Snakes are also known for their progressive political views and outspoken activism. The band often used their platform to speak out on environmentalism, animal rights, and social justice issues and worked with many charitable organizations.

The band's influence on the post-hardcore scene can still be heard today, with their emphasis on genre-bending experimentation and unconventional song structures inspiring a new generation of bands. These Arms Are Snakes proved that punk and hardcore could be more than just fast and aggressive, showcasing the power of music to challenge conventions and explore new creative possibilities.

Despite their critical success and loyal fanbase, These Arms Are Snakes announced their breakup in 2010, citing a desire to pursue other projects. In the years since, band members have continued to make music in various forms, but the legacy of These Arms Are Snakes lives on as a testament to the power of experimentation and innovation in the world of rock music.