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The American hardcore punk band 7 Seconds, stylized as 7Seconds, formed in Reno, Nevada, in 1979. The group is one of the pioneers of Cali Punk and among the first to identify as primarily hardcore.

The band's lineup underwent numerous changes through the years, with Kevin Seconds being the only consistent member. It was in the mid-80s when Steve Youth (bassist), Troy Mowat (drummer), and Bobby Adams (guitarist) joined the group.

Throughout their career, 7Seconds worked with a variety of labels. In 1982, the band signed with BYO. Under this label, they released two of the most iconic hardcore punk albums of the ‘80s: The Crew (1984) and Walk Together, Rock Together (1986). Towards the end of the ‘80s, they signed with Restless. After two albums, they switched to Headhunter, where they released two albums before moving to Epic in 1995 and to SideOne in 1999.

As the band matured, they significantly expanded their sound and style, incorporating audible elements of quieter, slower, more melodic, and accessible sounds. After leaving BYO, their LPs ventured further into the mainstream with a sound reminiscent of U2, but the band would eventually go back to the indie front with the Good to Go (1999) album under SideOne label. Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! was released in 2005, bringing the band full circle and back to their Hardcore roots.

On March 2018, 7Seconds shared the news of their breakup through their official Facebook page. Their last album, Leave a Light On, was released in 2014.