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Over the years, Satyricon have released several critically acclaimed albums, including Dark Medieval Times, Nemesis Divina, and Volcano. Their sound has evolved over time, incorporating industrial and avant-garde music elements, but they have remained true to their roots in black metal.

One of the hallmarks of Satyricon's music is their ability to create a sense of atmosphere and mood with their music. Their songs often feature haunting melodies and hypnotic rhythms, and Satyr's vocals add a layer of intensity and emotion to their sound.

Their music is dark and brooding, but it also has a sense of beauty and complexity that sets it apart from other black metal bands. Satyricon are also known for their elaborate and theatrical live performances. They have toured extensively over the years, playing shows and sharing the stage with bands like Slayer, Pantera, and Megadeth.

Their shows are known for their intense energy and dramatic visuals, and they have a loyal fan base that has followed them for decades. Satyricon's music has significantly influenced the black metal genre, and their impact can be felt in the work of many other bands.

Despite the controversy surrounding the black metal genre over the years, Satyricon have remained committed to their music and fans. They have spoken out against the use of violence and hate speech in the metal community and have made a conscious effort to distance themselves from the more extreme elements of the genre.

In recent years, Satyricon have taken a more experimental approach to their music, incorporating jazz and ambient music elements into their sound. Their latest album, Deep Calleth Upon Deep, was released in 2017 and was hailed by fans and critics alike as a triumph for the band.

Satyricon are a band that has left an indelible mark on the black metal genre. Their music is dark, atmospheric, and deeply emotional, and their willingness to push the genre's boundaries has helped keep it relevant and vital.