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Despite its underground status, Midnight have garnered a devoted following within the heavy metal community. The band's early material, including the 2011 debut album Satanic Royalty, was marked by lo-fi production values and a raw, primitive sound that reflected Athenar's DIY ethos.

However, as the band’s popularity grew, it has gradually refined its approach while retaining its trademark intensity. Midnight's music is characterized by its fast-paced, riff-driven approach, with Athenar's scorching guitar work underpinned by thunderous drumming and propulsive bass lines.

Lyrically, the band explores a range of themes including Satanism, horror, and rebellion, often delivered with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Songs like Prowling Leather and All Hail Hell showcase the band's irreverent attitude, while tracks like Vomit Queens demonstrate the band's ability to craft memorable, hook-laden metal anthems.

Throughout its career, Midnight have remained committed to its DIY ethos, self-releasing most of its albums and eschewing major label backing in favor of maintaining complete creative control. This approach has allowed the band to remain true to its roots and build a fiercely loyal fanbase without compromising its artistic vision.

Midnight are a band that represents the best of the heavy metal underground - uncompromising, unpretentious, and utterly dedicated to the genre's core values. With its fierce, riff-heavy sound and irreverent attitude, the band has earned a place as one of the most exciting and innovative acts in modern metal.

In addition to its impressive musical output, Midnight are also known for thier distinctive visual aesthetic. The band's album covers and merchandise often feature lurid, pulp-inspired artwork that perfectly captures the band's blend of horror and humor. These visuals, along with the band's energetic live shows, have helped to establish Midnight as a truly iconic presence in the heavy metal scene.

Over the years, Midnight have continued to evolve and refine their sound, while maintaining its commitment to the values that first inspired Athenar to form the band. Its most recent album, 2020's Rebirth by Blasphemy, showcases the band at its best, with catchy, riff-heavy tracks that are sure to please both longtime fans and newcomers to the Midnight universe.