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Jerome’s Dream released several highly regarded albums over their career that showcased their unique approach to punk rock. Their debut album, "Seeing Means More Than Safety," is widely regarded as a classic of the genre, with its raw energy and emotional honesty setting a high bar for the band's subsequent releases. Other albums such as "Presents" and "Completed" further cemented the band's status as a significant force within the screamo scene.

Jerome’s Dream are renowned for their frenetic and intense live shows, where Antonopoulos' dynamic stage presence and the band's unbridled energy are on full display. The band's shows are a visceral experience that often sees the band diving into the crowd, further heightening the emotional intensity of their performance.

Despite disbanding in 2001, Jerome’s Dream remains a highly influential band in the screamo genre, inspiring a new generation of musicians with their raw and emotive sound. The band's legacy is a testament to the power of emotional expression and intensity in music, with their music continuing to inspire new generations of musicians to this day.

In summary, Jerome’s Dream’s are a Connecticut-based screamo band known for their intense and emotive sound, confessional lyrics, and dynamic live shows. Their influence on the screamo genre cannot be overstated, and their legacy remains a significant force in the world of punk rock.