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Lamb of God's early music was heavily influenced by the classic thrash metal bands of the 1980s, but over time, they have developed a more unique sound that incorporates elements of death metal and hardcore punk. Their music is characterized by fast, intricate guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and Blythe's distinctive growling vocals.

The band's lyrics often explore themes of social and political injustice, war, and personal struggles. Their songs are often confrontational and angry, reflecting the frustrations of modern life. Despite the darkness of their subject matter, however, Lamb of God's music is also cathartic and empowering.

Over the years, Lamb of God have released a string of critically acclaimed albums, including As the Palaces Burn, Ashes of the Wake, and Sacrament. Their live shows are also known for their intensity and energy, with the band members delivering blistering performances that leave audiences exhausted and exhilarated.

Lamb of God have faced their fair share of adversity despite their success. In 2012, Blythe was arrested and charged with manslaughter in the Czech Republic following the death of a fan at one of the band's concerts. The incident profoundly impacted the band and inspired much of the material on their 2015 album VII: Sturm und Drang.

Despite these challenges, Lamb of God have remained one of the most important and influential bands in the heavy metal genre. With their uncompromising sound and fearless attitude, they continue to inspire legions of fans around the world, and their music remains a powerful testament to the enduring power of heavy metal.

Lamb of God are also known for their commitment to social and political activism. The band has been vocal in supporting causes such as animal rights, environmentalism, and anti-war efforts, and their lyrics often reflect these concerns. They have also used their platform to raise awareness and funds for various charitable organizations.

Lamb of God have faced criticism from some quarters despite their activism for their controversial lyrics and imagery. The band's use of violent and graphic imagery has been the subject of much debate, with some critics accusing them of glorifying violence and promoting a negative worldview.