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Nothing’s debut album, Guilty of Everything, was released in 2014 to widespread critical acclaim. The album’s heavy, distorted guitars and dreamy vocals were an instant hit with fans of shoegaze and alternative rock, and the band quickly gained a dedicated following.

Since then, Nothing have continued to refine and expand their sound, incorporating elements of post-punk and electronic music into their later releases. Their music is marked by a sense of sonic experimentation and a willingness to push the boundaries of what shoegaze and dream pop can be.

Lyrically, Nothing’s music often explores themes of personal struggle, loss, and isolation. Palermo’s introspective lyrics are often delivered in a plaintive, wistful tone, adding to the overall sense of melancholy and yearning that permeates many of the band’s songs.

Despite their relatively short career, Nothing have significantly impacted the shoegaze and dream pop scene, with their music earning praise from critics and fans alike. With their lush, immersive soundscapes and emotionally charged lyrics, they have quickly become one of the genre’s most exciting and innovative bands.

Nothing’s live shows are known for their intensity, with the band members often losing themselves in the music and delivering powerful performances that leave audiences transfixed. The band has toured extensively, playing shows across North America and Europe, and their live shows have earned them a dedicated following.

In addition to their music, Nothing have also been vocal about supporting causes like mental health awareness and anti-racism. Palermo has been open about his struggles with addiction and depression, using his platform to raise awareness and advocate for better mental health care.

Nothing’s music continues to evolve and push the boundaries of the shoegaze and dream pop genres. Their latest album, The Great Dismal, released in 2020, features a more electronic-infused sound and explores themes of environmentalism and climate change.