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Some bands dabble in the "devastating riffs and catchy hooks" genre, but for Beartooth, it's a matter of life and death. These young men may come across as easygoing, charming, and outgoing, but the savage music they play tells you otherwise.

Beartooth are a punk-influenced metalcore band from Ohio, formed by vocalist Caleb Shomo as a side project while he was frontman for the band Attack Attack! However, the band’s first EP, Sick (2013), was a departure from Attack Attack!'s heavily produced “electronicore,” a sonic gut-punch packed with raw emotion and melodic chaos—a style that the band would continue to explore on their subsequent albums.

Sick was Shomo's emotional "message in a bottle" cast into an abstract sea. The album was originally conceived as a form of musical exorcism to help him overcome the crippling depression and anxiety he's had since he was a child. This theme of desperation was developed further in the subsequent works: Disgusting (2014), Aggressive (2016), and Disease (2018).

Beartooth’s original lineup included Taylor Lumley (guitar), Nick Reed (bass), and Brandon Mullins (drums). In 2014, right around the time Beartooth released their debut album, Disgusting, rhythm guitarist Kamron Bradbury joined the fray.

Beartooth's second record, Aggressive, came out in 2016. By this time, Reed and Mullins have already parted ways with the band and have been replaced by Oshie Bichar and Connor Denis. They filled the position of The album hit No. 1 on Billboard's Alternative Albums chart and No. 25 on the Top 200 chart.

The band's third studio album, Disease (2018), marked the debut of guitarist Zach Huston, who took over for outgoing shredder Taylor Lumley. In 2020, Will Deely, the band's guitar tech, took over for longtime guitarist Kamron Bradbury. He made his studio debut on the harder rock/heavier metal-focused album, Below, in 2021.

Below (2021), Beartooth’s fourth studio album, permeates pure, distilled rage—a vicious assault on mental illness and an outright refusal to suffer in silence. Their most recent single, "Riptide," is the climax of that fight. It's a fiercely courageous anthem of personal empowerment that acts as a victory lap in honor of Shomo's lifelong fight with mental health and self-acceptance.

When Beartooth was included in Rolling Stone's list of 10 New Artists You Need To Know, their sound was accurately described as "like a nervous breakdown, usually with enough optimism to push through to another song." The raw nerve simply becomes more exposed as the band grows, sounding crazier yet, at the same time, more accessible.