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Suicide Silence released their album, The Cleansing, in 2007, which received critical acclaim and helped establish their presence in the metal scene. The album features heavy, chugging guitar riffs, brutal breakdowns, and Hermida's guttural screams. The lyrics often touch on themes of depression, suicide, and self-destruction. The album was a commercial success, reaching number 94 on the Billboard 200 chart and earning Suicide Silence a spot on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour.

Following the success of The Cleansing, Suicide Silence continued to evolve their sound with their subsequent releases. Their album, No Time to Bleed, was released in 2009 and showcased a more polished and refined sound. The album features technical guitar work, intricate drumming, and a more varied vocal performance from Hermida. The lyrics continued to explore themes of darkness and pain but also featured moments of hope and redemption.

Suicide Silence faced a major setback in 2012 with the unexpected death of their vocalist, Mitch Lucker, in a motorcycle accident. Despite the tragedy, the band decided to continue with a new vocalist, Hermida, who had previously fronted the band All Shall Perish. Hermida brought a new energy and vocal style to the band, showcased on their 2014 album, You Can't Stop Me. The album features crushing guitar riffs, complex drumming, and Hermida's powerful vocal range.

In the years since Lucker's passing, Suicide Silence have continued to push the boundaries of the deathcore genre. Their most recent album, Become the Hunter, was released in 2020 and features a more experimental and atmospheric sound. The album features clean singing, spoken word passages, and ambient interludes, in addition to their signature heavy riffs and breakdowns. The lyrics continue to explore themes of pain and suffering but also touch on themes of social and political injustice.

Suicide Silence's impact on the metal scene extends beyond their music. They have been vocal advocates for mental health awareness and suicide prevention, using their platform to raise awareness and support for those struggling with mental illness. They have also been outspoken critics of bigotry and discrimination, using their music to challenge societal norms and promote social justice.

In addition to their music, Suicide Silence have also been known for their striking visual imagery. Their album artwork and music videos often feature disturbing and provocative imagery, reflecting the darkness and intensity of their music. They have worked with notable visual artists such as Dan Seagrave and Mister Sam Shearon to create their album covers.