SUICIDE SILENCE 'NO TIME TO BLEED' LP (Reiusse 2018, Black Vinyl)



Fast, frenzied and full of strangled pig squeals and lunging breakdowns, Suicide Silence's second LP defined the shape of deathcore to come. But what really makes No Time to Bleed so special is the way it incorporates elements from metal subgenres beyond death metal and hardcore. There are seasick guitar noises reminiscent of nu-metal pioneers Korn ("Lifted"), minor-key licks that smell of thrash icons Slayer ("Disengage"), and samples and sound effects manufactured on the assembly line of industrialists Fear Factory ("Wasted"). Best of all, despite the mishmash of influences, Suicide Silence's own vision always comes through loud and clear. Get your copy of the Suicide Silence No Time to Bleed vinyl now!

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