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A Fire Inside, more popularly known as AFI, is one of Northern California’s most influential punk bands. The band was formed in 1991 by Davey Havok (vocals), Adam Carson (drummer), Markus Stopholese (guitar), and Vic Chalker (bass). AFI broke into the mainstream with The Art of Drowning – their fifth studio album.

The next two decades, AFI remained at the forefront of the modern rock scene, releasing chart-topping hits like Sing the Sorrow, AFI, and Decemberunderground. They continued to add excitement to the punk music scene with their The Missing Man EP (2018) and Bodies (2021).

AFI released several singles before they were signed by Nitro label, which released Very Proud of Ya, their second album, in 1996. In 1997, they released Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Eyes. The band went through a series of lineup changes after.

The new lineup recorded A Fire Inside in 1998. Black Sails in the Sunset, a more mature full-length, was released the following year alongside the All Hallow’s EP. A year later, they released The Art of Drowning. The Art of Drowning was the first album to make it to the Billboard 200.

Sing the Sorrow was the band’s first debut for Dreamworks. The album highlighted AFI’s dramatic growth since their hardcore days. Sing the Sorrow was released in 2003 and marked the band’s mainstream crossover. The album went platinum and featured the hit singles The Leaving Song, Pt. II and Girls Not Grey.

Their seventh album, Decemberunderground, was the result of two years of detailed songwriting. Released through Interscope in 2006, the album was an instant success. Decemberunderground debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. In 2009, AFI released another successful album, Crash Love.

After touring extensively in 2010, the band was inactive for a few years. In 2013, they released Burials, their new album, in October. The album was produced by Gil Norton and was preceded by several singles, including 17 Crimes, a melodic and thrilling pop-punk anthem.

In January 2017, the band released the self-titled album AFI (also known as The Blood Album). The album reached number five on the Billboard 200 and featured the singles, White Offerings and Snow Cats. While on tour to promote their album, AFI recorded some songs that were included in The Missing Man, their 2018 EP.

In early 2021, the band released the singles Escape from Los Angeles and Twisted Tongues. Bodies, their most recent album, showcased their late-era maturation and featured additional tracks, Dulceria and Looking Tragic. Dulceria was co-written by Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan.