MIDNIGHT 'NO MERCY FOR MAYHEM' LP (Royal Blue & Black Vinyl)



STREET DATE 11/26/21

"Midnight is one of the best metal bands going, period. Whether you’re a sucker for the classics, partial to dirty old punk rock, or hooked on speed metal, this Cleveland institution delivers what you need in near-lethal doses and has a hell of a good time doing it. When all’s said and done, No Mercy for Mayhem is a headbanger’s dream" - SPIN


  1. The Mercy Curse
  2. Evil Like A Knife
  3. Prowling Leather
  4. No Mercy For Mayhem
  5. The Final Rape Of Night
  6. Degradation
  7. Woman Of Flame
  8. Try Suicide
  9. Whiplash Disaster
  10. Aggressive Crucifixion
  11. Destroy Tsunami's Power

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