TRUE ROMANCE SOUNDTRACK LP (Blue & Magenta Splatter Vinyl)




Limited blue and magenta colored vinyl LP pressing.

Though it was directed by Tony Scott, the 1993 film True Romance displayed all the signature themes and images of it's writer, Quentin Tarantino, from it's grisly violence to it's B-movie homages to it's gleeful amorality. And the same could be said of the soundtrack; alongside composer Hans Zimmer's riff on Carl Orff (which itself was an homage to another violent road movie, Badlands), True Romance offered a playlist that smacked of Tarantino in it's embrace of rockabilly (Charlie Sexton, Chris Isaak), grunge (Soundgarden), honky-tonk (Shelby Lynne), and romantic machismo (Robert Palmer's take on '[Love Is] The Tender Trap'). Vinyl would seem a natural for such a 'warped' soundtrack; and, for this reissue, we've crafted a custom jacket sporting production stills from the film.


  1. You’re So Cool Hans Zimmer

  2. Graceland Charlie Sexton

  3. In Dreams John Waite

  4. Wounded Bird Charles & Eddie

  5. I Want Your Body Nymphomania

  6. Stars at Dawn Hans Zimmer


1. I Need a Heart to Come Home to Shelby Lynne

2. Viens Mallika Sous le Dome Edais from “Lakme” Delibes

3. (Love Is) The Tender Trap Robert Palmer

4. Outshined Soundgarden

5. Amid the Chaos of the Day Hans Zimmer

6. Two Hearts Chris Isaak

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