This album's front cover has changed throughout the years and currently features the D.C. Flag stars and bars.
Tracks 1-6, 17-20:

Recorded at
Hit & Run Studios by Steve Carr
Tracks 24-26:
Recorded at
C.A.B Studios by Tom Scott
All other tracks:
Recorded at
Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara

1. Teen Idles: I Drink Milk
2. Teen Idles: Commie Song
3. Teen Idles: No Fun
4. Untouchables: Rat Patrol
5. Untouchables: Nic Fit
6. Untouchables: I Hate You
7. SOA: I Hate The Kids
8. SOA: Disease
9. SOA: Stepping Stone Party
10. Minor Threat: Stand Up
11. Minor Threat: 12XU
12. Government Issue: Hey, Ronnie
13. Government Issue: Lie, Cheat, & Steal
14. Youth Brigade: Moral Majority
15. Youth Brigade: Waste Of Time
16. Youth Brigade: Last Word
17. Red Sea: Jimi 45
18. Red C: Pressure's On
19. Red C: 6 o'clock News
20. Red C: Assassin
21. Void: Dehumanized
22. Void: Authority
23. Void: My Rules
24. Iron Cross: Wargames
25. Iron Cross: New Breed
26. Iron Cross: Live For Now
27. Artificial Peace: Artificial Peace
28. Artificial Peace: Outside Looking In
29. Artificial Peace: Wasteland
30. Deadline: Stolen Youth
31. Deadline: Hear The Cry
32. Deadline: Aftermath

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