THE OLD FIRM CASUALS 'THIS MEANS WAR' LP (Snake Grey w/ Black Splatter Vinyl)



LABEL: Pirate Press
VARIANT: Snake Grey w/ Black Splatter Vinyl LP

Originally released by Oi! the Boat (U.S.A.) and Randale Records (Europe) in 2014, “This Means War“ is THE OLD FIRM CASUALS debut LP. This incredible album showcases the explosive burst onto the scene that the band made - and created something permanent and timeless to show the importance of this band to the world of streetpunk & Oi!.

Taking a few songs from previously released (and highly acclaimed) singles, and elevating them by sandwiching them together with new tracks, this record became a fan favorite quickly.
With its original pressings now out of print, Pirates Press Records reissued this integral record, globally, adding a few extra finishing touches in the process.

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