TERROR ‘ONE WITH THE UNDERDOGS’ LP (Limited Edition – Only 300 made, Ultra Clear w/ Olive Green & Black Splatter Vinyl)



Following their blistering EP, Lowest of the Low, Terror snatched the heavy hardcore crown on One With the Underdogs, a pummeling, 15-song powerhouse that repackaged NYHC for a new generation. Written from a fierce working class perspective, Scott Vogel’s motivating hollers are thrown atop brutish, grooving jolts of instrumentation that recall Hatebreed and Madball in equal measure (to wit, Madball’s Freddie Cricien and Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta make ferocious guest appearances). For hardcore in the 21st century, this is a time-tested high-point.

This exclusive vinyl variant is on “Ultra Clear w/ Olive Green & Black” and limited to only 300 copies, so order yours today!


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