REPULSION 'HORRIFIED' LP (Limited Edition Cloudy Swamp Green w/Splatter Vinyl)



The band’s called Repulsion, their 1989 album is titled Horrified and the cover art is a drawing of a one-eyed flesh-eater on a background of mucus green and crime scene red. What more do you need to know? The Michigan band’s sole full-length is a mutilated synthesis of Slayer’s speed, Venom’s darkness and Discharge’s hardcore noise that simultaneously created the blueprint for grindcore and went on to define its filthy kissing cousin, goregrind. It’s an extreme metal must-have.

Track Listing: 

A1 The Stench Of Burning Death 
A2 Eaten Alive 
A3 Acid Bath 
A4 Slaughter Of The Innocent 
A5 Decomposed 
A6 Radiation Sickness 
A7 Splattered Cadavers 
A8 Festering Boils 
A9 Pestilent Decay 
B1 Crematorium 
B2 Driven To Insanity 
B3 Six Feet Under 
B4 Bodily Dismemberment 
B5 Repulsion 
B6 The Lurking Fear 
B7 Black Breath 
B8 Maggots In Your Coffin 
B9 Horrified

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