RAMMSTEIN 'SEHNSUCHT' 2LP (Anniversary Edition Vinyl)



LABEL: London
VARIANT: Anniversary Edition Vinyl 2LP

Rammstein have had a long and consistently fruitful career thus far, but Sehnsucht is inarguably the Neue Deutsche Härte band’s finest opus. Containing the band’s most recognizable hit,  “Du Hast,” and other industrial-metal highlights like "Engel" and "Buck Dich,” the German band’s second album set the template for everything they’d do afterwards. This marks the defining moment when Rammstein became more than an interesting band who started a new wave of techno-metal-industrial fusion music; they became a worldwide sensation.

The 1997 Rammstein album Sehnsucht is re-released as a limited Anniversary Edition, for the first time in remastered HD sound. The album exclusively includes a new mix version of the track “Spiel mit mir.” The reworked packaging was designed by the original artwork designer Dirk Rudolph. The 2 LP set comes in a triple gatefold with an embossed silver foil slipcase on 180-gram black vinyl. A 40-page booklet features numerous unpublished and re-edited portrait photographs by artist Gottfried Helnwein.


  1. Sehnsucht
  2. Engel
  3. Tier
  4. Bestrafe mich
  5. Du hast
  6. Bück dich
  7. Spiel mit mir
  8. Klavier
  9. Alter Mann
  10. Eifersucht
  11. Küss mich (Fellfrosch)
  12. Spiel mit mir (2023 Mix)

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