ONE STEP CLOSER ‘FROM ME TO YOU’ 12" EP (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)



Limited 'Coke Bottle Clear' 12" LP, alternate white artworks, only 700 pressed! 

"From Me To You" is the debut 12"ep from Wilkes-Barre, PA's One Step Closer, released on Triple B. The A-side of the record contains six tracks of melodic hardcore that are influenced by bands that embodied the transition of hardcore from fast and moshy to melodic and introspective, most notably the latest era of Turning Point but with some of the modern twists of "Songs To Scream At The Sun"-era Have Heart. 

We also have the band's 2021 Run For Cover debut This Place You Know on white vinyl.

01. The Reach
02. Dusk
03. Day Dream
04. From Me To You
05. Portrayal
06. Imagination of Being

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