OBITUARY ‘SLOWLY WE ROT - LIVE AND ROTTING’ LP (Limited Edition – Only 235 made, Bone White Vinyl)




It’s hard to overstate the influence that Obituary’s 1989 debut, Slowly We Rot, has had on the greater death metal multiverse. Produced by the prolific Floridian savant Scott Burns, this pivotal release from the genre’s early era takes the booming sound of late-Eighties thrash and douses it with darker guitar tones, chuggier tempos and neck-contorting vocals that sound like Tom Araya if he was possessed by a demon — all presented with a blood-soaked logo that’s meant to be displayed on a 12-by-12-inch square.

Florida death-metal pioneers, Obituary, are celebrating their iconic debut album, Slowly We Rot, with a Live and Rotting live album recorded and mixed by long time producer Joe Cincotta and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, with accompanying video filmed by Odd Life Studios and directed by Lief Thomason.

This exclusive vinyl variant is on “bone white” and limited to only 235 copies, so order yours today!


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