Vinyl Styl™ Funko Pop! Protector 4" (5 Pack)

Brand new Funko Pop! protectors that will help your Funko Pops stay in excellent condition. The Vinyl Styl™ Funko Pop! Protectors will protect your pops from damage due to dropping, squeezing, stacking, shelf wear, scratches, kids, pets, and other environmental hazards.

The ideal solution for proper Funko Pop! displays, whether you are a retailer or a collector, these crystal-clear protectors look great in any situation.

Our Pop Protectors:
  • Perfectly fit standard 4" Funko Pops.
  • Are made of the highest quality acid-free food grade PET.
  • Are crystal-clear, once you remove the protective film (protects the protector from damage in shipping).
  • Provide additional corner protection, and help preserve the value of your pops for years to come.
  • Are flat packed for shipping, and are at once rigid and easy to fold into place.
  • Are very scratch resistant (with or without the protective film).

Please Note: Funko boxes are shown here as usage/fit examples and are not included in this sale.

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