DEATH 'LEPROSY' LP (Butterfly Effect w/ Splatter Vinyl)



Neon Magenta with Bone White Butterfly Wings and Aqua Blue, Metallic Gold and Orange Splatter Standard Gram

Death's Screamy Bloody Gore may have been the first legit death-metal album, but their 1988 follow-up, Leprosy, sharpened and matured the template — before main man Chuck Schuldiner exploded it completely by taking it in unimaginably progressive directions with albums like Symbolic. Primitive and crushing yet subtly catchy and technical, classic cuts such as the title track and "Pull the Plug" still stand as measuring sticks for brutal death metal today. Plus, it looks better than ever on our colorful “butterfly splatter” variant.

Meticulous care has been put into this reissue. The entire album, as well as the bonus material has been painstakingly remastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Nile, etc).

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