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On their pivotal 1991 album, Blind, Corrosion of Conformity transitioned from crossover thrash pioneers to a sludgy, even anthemic metal act who could really groove. The record is the first with rhythm guitarist (and soon-to-be frontman) Pepper Keenan and their only LP with Karl Agell on the mic, whose thrashy yelp gives these songs a unique feel within the CoC catalog. Songs like “Dance With the Dead” and “Vote With a Bullet” are still raging classics that demand to be played at high volumes.

Blind” (30th anniversary) track listing:

01 – “These Shrouded Temples
02 – “Damned For All Time
03 – “Dance Of The Dead
04 – “Buried
05 – “Break The Circle
06 – “Painted Smiling Face
07 – “Mine Are The Eyes Of God
08 – “Shallow Ground
09 – “Vote With A Bullet
10 – “Great Purification
11 – “White Noise
12 – “Echoes In The Well
13 – “Future/Now” (MC5 cover)
14 – “Jim Beam And The Coon Ass
15 – “Damned For All Time” (demo ’91)
16 – “Dance Of The Dead” (demo ’91)
17 – “Days Of Rage (Hard Reign)” (demo ’91)
18 – “Buried” (1988 demo)
19 – “Fast Song” (instrumental) (1988 demo)
20 – “Slow Song/Buried” (instrumental) (1988 demo)

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