CATHEDRAL 'THE LAST SPIRE' 2LP (Translucent Blue Vinyl)





"Announcing that we were splitting way in advance of recording 'The Last Spire' gave us time to adjust to the fact that the end really was in sight. This took a lot of the pressure off off us, as it meant that we no longer had anything to prove and could make this album purely on our own terms, especially by releasing it through Rise Above." - Lee Dorrian

Although exploring many twists and tempos, with Hammond, Mellotron and Moog deployed to stunning effect, The Last Spire is grounded in a vast, blighted and shuddering doom metal landscape, studded with morosely magnificent career-best epics like 'Pallbearer', 'Infestation Of Grey Death' and 'An Observation'. 'Forest Of Equilibrium' remains a one-of-a-kind recording, but The Last Spire brings the best tricks Cathedral have learnt since to bear on a similarly monumental and obsessive total doom framework, the sound gritty and heavy as hell, musical chemistry at full pelt, each song gradually built and honed into optimum shape.

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