Persistence Of Time (30th Anniversary Edition) 4 LPs

As the most lyrically light-hearted group of their genre’s Big Four, Anthrax’s musical deftness throughout the Eighties may have been overshadowed by their campy exteriors. On their 1990 masterwork, Persistence of Time, the well-oiled thrash machine tightened their laces, dialed back the playfulness and cranked out some of their heaviest riffs and most domineering gallops to date. From the stampeding opener, “Time,” to provoking reflections on the Halocaust in “Belly of the Beast,” this mature version of Anthrax may be their best.

Fully Re-Mastered with Refashioned Cover Art

The vinyl edition offers four LPs, as well as revised cover art that reflects what had been the album’s original visual concept.



- Side 1 -

1 Time (Remastered)

2 Blood (Remastered)

3 Keep It in the Family (Remastered)

- Side 2 -

1 In My World (Remastered)

2 Gridlock (Remastered)

3 Intro to Reality (Remastered

4 Belly of the Beast (Remastered)

- Side 3 -

1 Got the Time (Remastered)

2 H8 Red (Remastered)

3 One Man Stands (Remastered)

4 Discharge (Remastered)

- Side 4 -

1 I'm the Man (The Illest Version Ever)

2 Time (Live at the Palace of Auburn Hills)

3 Got the Time (Pre Production)

- Side 5 -

1 In My World (Pre Production - Scott Guide Vocal)

2 H8 Red (Rehearsal Room/Charlie's, Riff Tape/Pre-Production)

3 Discharge (Charlie's Riff Tape/Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)

- Side 6 -

1 Keep in in the Family (Rehearsal Room/Scott Guide Vocal)

2 Blood (Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)

- Side 7 -

1 Intro to Reality (Pre-Production)

2 Belly of the Beast (Tracking)

3 Gridlock (Tracking)

- Side 8 -

1 One Man Stands (Pre-Production)


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