Seething with rage and possessed of a mean violent streak, All Pigs Must Die continue to rain sonic destruction down upon the metal world with their second album, Nothing Violates This Nature. Rampaging its way through its ten tracks, All Pigs Must Die once again show off their relentlessness with an album that mostly refuses to slow down once it gets up to speed (which is literally one second into the opening track, "Chaos Arise"). From there, the band proceeds to go on tear with the kind of explosive intensity that many bands only hope to hit. With such a driving aggressiveness pushing the album forward, it makes the moments when the band slows things down a little feel extra ominous, like the way a herd of cattle lie down before a rainstorm. Always working at such a smash-and-grab speed, the moments when All Pigs Must Die actually take the time to build something up, like the crushingly heavy "Of Suffering," hit like a sledgehammer. The thing is, the impact doesn't just come from the change in pace, but also the mental fatigue that an album this aggro can cause, as if you'd finally found an oasis in the desert, only to discover that what you thought was a respite from the harsh conditions is actually just more sand. All this makes Nothing Violates This Nature seem like an exhausting listen, and it really is, but when it comes to unfiltered anger and catharsis, accept no substitutes.

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