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At the core of Touché Amoré's music is the powerful and dynamic vocal performance of lead singer Jeremy Bolm. Bolm's lyrics are deeply personal and introspective, often exploring themes of loss, grief, and self-doubt. His delivery is raw and passionate, and his ability to convey intense emotion through his vocals sets him apart.

The band's music is also notable for its intricate and dynamic instrumentation. Guitarists Clayton Stevens and Nick Steinhardt create a wall of sound that alternates between driving, punk-influenced riffs, and more atmospheric, post-rock-inspired passages.

Meanwhile, drummer Elliot Babin provides a propulsive and dynamic backbone to the band's music, incorporating math rock and jazz elements into his playing. Touché Amoré's music has been compared to other post-hardcore and emo bands, such as At the Drive-In, Thursday, and Brand New.

However, the band has also been praised for their unique sound and vision, which incorporates post-rock, shoegaze, and even black metal elements into their music. Touché Amoré have released several critically acclaimed albums throughout their career, including their debut full-length To the Beat of a Dead Horse (2009).

The band's music has also earned them a devoted following and critical acclaim within the post-hardcore and emo scenes. Beyond their recorded output, Touché Amoré are also known for their intense and emotional live performances. Bolm's powerful and engaging stage presence characterizes the band's shows.

Touché Amoré have also earned a reputation for their collaborations and creative projects outside their music. In 2012, the band partnered with the now-defunct indie label No Sleep Records to launch the 7-inch subscription series, Deathwish Directives. The series featured exclusive tracks from Touché Amoré and other notable bands in the punk and hardcore scene.

In addition to their music, Touché Amoré have also made a name for themselves through their philanthropic efforts. The band has been involved in several charitable initiatives, including a fundraising campaign for the ACLU in response to the Trump administration's travel ban and a benefit show for the family of a fan who had passed away.