HAUNT 'BEAUTIFUL DISTRACTION' LP (Clear Vinyl w/ Black & Red Splatter Vinyl)



Haunt is at it again! Beautiful Distraction,the follow up to 2020’s Mind Freeze/Flashback. Trevor William Church and his one man army of music production(Beastmaker) is setting the bar a bit higher this year, in the world of metal that is. In a continuous flow of powerful fast paced album drops, Beautiful Distraction will be the fifth full length studio album in just a short period since 2017’s Luminous Eyes EP release. Traditional heavy metal lovers around the globe will not be disappointed in this latest edition to the discography. Beautiful Distraction and In Our Dreams are the first two singles from this year’s full length, This album will definitely stand the test of time and hold its own in a sea of music releases, if the first two singles are any indication of the rest of the album. Prepare yourself for the waves of riffs and lyrically, it’s a heavy expression of emotions in an imaginative and BEAUTIFUL way.

Beautiful Distraction
In Our Dreams
Fortunes Wheel
Face Of Danger
Sea Of Dreams
Keeping Watch
Imaginary Borders
A Fool's Paradise
Hearts On Fire
It's In My Hands

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