Poppy's nomination for a 2021 Grammy for Best Metal Performance — for "BLOODMONEY," a gnarly, industrial-strength stomper off her latest album, I Disagree — makes her the first female solo artist to ever be nominated in the category. It's not the first boundary she's broken down. It won't be the last.

For our new Winter 2020 issue, we hooked her up with Rizz, the singer of L.A.-based/Australia-bred "death-pop" duo VOWWS, who were opening for Poppy on the I Disagree trek before COVID crashed the party. "On the tour, the last song that I played [was] called 'Don't Go Outside,' before the encore," Poppy recalls. "Before I would perform that song, just about every night, I would say that the song was dedicated to coronavirus. And I think actually, I summoned something in the universe."

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