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With an amazing work that spans nearly seven decades, it’s no surprise England’s Deep Purple is considered rock royalty. Along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, the band defined early heavy metal and hard rock. Despite constant lineup changes, the band has sold a staggering 100 million albums worldwide.

Members of Deep Purple include Jon Lord (composer/organist), Ritchie Blackmore (guitarist), Roger Glover (bassist), David Coverdale (vocalist), and Ian Gillan (vocalist). The band’s early psychedelic pop offerings included Hush, Might Just Take Your Life, and Kentucky Woman.

After releasing the grandiose Concerto for Group and Orchestra, the band dished out riff-heavy and molten slabs of hard rock. Deep Purple in Rock (1970) and Machine Head (1972) both showcased their proud, loud, and proto-metal riffs. Deep Purple continued to dominate the charts with Nobody’s Perfect and Perfect Strangers.

In the ‘90s, when all the rage was alt-rock and grunge, the band surprised everyone with the success of their albums The Battle Rages On and Slaves and Masters. Formed in 1968 in Hertford, England, the band toured Scandinavia before working on their debut LP Shades of Deep Purple.

Shades of Deep Purple is hailed as their most pop-oriented release. The band tried to fuse classical music and rock with their album Concerto for Group and Orchestra. Unfortunately, it was poorly received, so Blackmore took creative control of the band. With his leadership, they adopted a more guitar-dominated and heavier approach.

Deep Purple in Rock marked the band’s most creative and commercially successful period. The album sold over a million copies in England. Their non-LP single Black Night almost topped the U.K. pop charts. Unfortunately, after a farewell tour, the group disbanded in 1976.

In 1984, Gillan, Blackmore, Glover, Lord, and Paice regrouped and released the platinum smash album Perfect Strangers. Three years later, the band released The House of Blue Light. The band also delighted fans with a four-disc set, Shades: 1968-1998, a collection of their demos, hits, live takes, and unreleased tracks.