Its 1984. D.R.I. had just gotten back from the ‘Rock Against Reagan’ US tour were they opened up for ‘M.D.C.’ and ‘The Dead Kennedy’s ‘. While the tour was well attended the pay was terrible if not next to nothing.D.R.I. retuned home tired, cold and broke. Most bands would have thrown in the towel. Not D.R.I. They continued to live in their van ; eat once a day at soup kitchens; practice non stop ; write fast intense songs and play any and all shows offered to them! Once they perfected their new songs they went in and recorded the ‘Violent Pacification’ 7″. Which would be D.R.I.’s next release and done in conjunction with M.D.C.’s label R Radical Records!

The new 7″ contained 4 brand new songs just as fast and furious as their previous release , but at the same time more complex. The band was getting even better. Not only did these new songs pack a punch large enough to kick a full mouth of teeth in , but the new songs contained some faint traces of metal. This would be the first hint of D.R.I. turning things up even more and of what would come on their next full length!

With a new ‘Violent Pacification’ out D.R.I. did a full US tour were they wrecked havoc on cities all across the US. When the tour was finally done they returned home ready to start work on their next full length. Some major significant changes were about to happen to D.R.I. and little did they know the enormous impact these changes and that full length were going to have on the world!

Now after being out of print for 26 years Beer City is proud to re issue ‘Violent Pacification ‘ in its original 7″ format. Once again you will be able to plop down this influential crucial record onto your turn table and enjoy the fast paced heart pounding hardcore master piece the way it was first presented ( and meant to be heard) 26 years ago! You get a total of 4 songs that will have you thrashing all over the room and shouting ‘VIOLENT PACIFICATION!’ till the wee hours of the morning. This is D.R.I. ! This is American hardcore!

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