POSSESSED ‘EYES OF HORROR’ LP (Limited Edition — Only 200 Made, Camo Picture Disc)



Fronted by vocalist-bassist Jeff Becerra and featuring the maniacal guitar team of Mike Torrao and Larry LaLonde, Possessed coined the term "death metal" on their 1985 debut, Seven Churches, while the music within laid the foundation for that very genre. 

With a hyper-satanic thrash attack that rivaled early Slayer, Possessed played high-profile gigs with Venom and Megadeth. When the band hit Berkeley's Fantasy Studios in early '87 to record the Eyes of Horror EP with guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani producing, they wanted to expand their sonic palette. “We wanted all the records to be different so we could widen our horizons as a band,” Becerra says today. “The Eyes of Horror was us branching out into maybe being a little more commercially viable, for lack of a better word — but still heavy.”

The Eyes of Horror is available as a special re-issue “Combat Camo” LP. Limited to only 200 copies, order yours today!


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