All of Me Is Illustrated Book, Ray Bradbury for Inked




“It’s an art book… photos are great, they really show the quality of the work… And you got Ray Bradbury. This will be a collectible for sure, definitely a book to have in every collection…”  Paul Booth


All of Me Is Illustrated is the first book to feature Ray Bradbury’s treasured stories “The Illustrated Man” and “The Illustrated Woman” together alongside the most stunning tattooed bodies of today. Bradbury’s prose reminds us so wonderfully — and at times violently and humorously — how foolish it is to assume the origins and meanings behind a person’s tattoos. Just as with Bradbury’s characters, the motivations of the featured collectors and artists to ink (or be inked) vary. What is undeniable is that their illustrated bodies are a source of pride, wonder, titillation, and beauty, whether depicting the grotesque or the mundane.




  • Hardcover book, 272 pages, 8 1/2 X 11 1/2 in., 127 photographs, $70.00
  • Stories by Ray Bradbury
  • Tattoos by Today’s Artists
  • A Lawrence Schiller Book for RosettaBooks
  • Published in February 2020 during the Ray Bradbury Centennial Year
  • In collaboration with INKED
  • Delivery estimate: 2 weeks

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