Revolver Icon Series

There are plenty of bands, but very few ICONS. Revolver's ICON Series pays tribute to the heavy music titans that have created a legacy of iconic imagery that defines our music, our culture, our lifestyle. For each ICON merchandise collection, the Revolver team has curated the quintessential pieces which symbolize epic albums, songs and events that define the metal experience.

The debut collection in our ICON Series is none other than Metallica. Perhaps the biggest and baddest metal band to ever roam the earth, Metallica has contributed a myriad of classic imagery that’s helped define and progress the visual lexicon of metal. Mention Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets to a metal fan and the classic imagery from these albums instantly leaps to mind. Metallica defines what it means to be an ICON. We proudly present the Metallica ICON Series, 17 epic Metallica tees spanning the band’s legendary career.