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Death was formed in Orlando, Florida, by bona fide heavy metal icon and father of death metal Chuck Schuldiner. The band went through numerous member turnovers, with Schuldiner remaining the only constant. Undoubtedly, he was able to expertly mastermind the band’s groundbreaking career until his untimely passing.

Schuldiner (guitars/vocals), joined by Rick Rozz (guitars) and Kam Lee (drums), formed the band Mantas (soon re-christened Death) in 1984. While barely out of high school, they worked hard and continuously polished their craft through arduous and endless rehearsals and live performances.

Mutilation, the band’s three-song demo, generated rave reviews and earned them a legion of fans in the underground metal scene. Soon after, they were signed by Combat Records. When his bandmates refused to leave Florida to record, Schuldiner left them behind and relocated to San Francisco.

Together with Chris Reifert, Schuldiner recorded the band’s iconic debut album, Scream Bloody Gore, and released it in 1987. After another lineup change, Schuldiner returned to Florida and planned their first tour. The band also experimented with insidious melodies, complex dynamic tempo changes, and slower rhythms.

In 1991, Death released their pivotal LP, Human. Through the years, Schuldiner continually re-invented the band’s sound while masterfully retaining the band’s brutal core values. Their albums, Individual Thought Patterns (1993) and Symbolic (1995), highlight the band’s ever-evolving sound.

In 1996, Schuldiner shocked the heavy metal community by disbanding Death and announcing his plans to form a new band called Control Denied. However, his new project took longer than expected, so he decided to record one final album with Death. The result is the masterpiece The Sound of Perseverance, released in 1998.

Schuldiner was diagnosed with a malignant brainstem tumor in early 2000. He fought for his life but later succumbed to cancer in 2001. Fortunately, Schuldiner’s work and legacy have made him an icon in the death metal scene. In 2022, Relapse Records released a digital series of live albums that feature unreleased songs from the band.